What do I do once I get to Norfort on the First Day of classes?

Once inside the foyer, please remove and place all outdoor footwear on the shelves provided.  Coats and other clothing items may be placed or hung in the change room areas on the main floor.

All athletes must wait in the foyer until the coach has invites them inside the gymnasium for their class.

Do I need to stay during my child’s class?

Parents with children in our Parent & Tot class are expected to stay as this is a parented class. Parents with children in Drop In sessions are also expected to stay.

Norfort is equipped with a mezzanine viewing area to watch!

What does my child need to wear to his/her gymnastics class?

Athletes may wear comfortable gym clothes, pants/shorts & t-shirt or a gymnastic suit.  No socks, jewellery, jeans or clothes with zippers are allowed.

Why do I need to participate in F.C.P and Fundraising?

Norfort is a Not-For-Profit society, the Family Commitment Plan (FCP) and mandatory Fundraising help to keep the cost of class fees lower, to maintain and support our operational needs.

How do I pick my volunteer date?

Once your child is registered you need to go back to the home page and then select FCP. Then select an FCP of choice from the items that are offered.

How do I make changes on my Amilia account?

In order to make changes on your Amilia account you must call the office during office hours (780-791-1107) and have the office staff make the change. Remember that there is a $25.00 fee every time you need to make a change.

Is there a place to watch my child’s gymnastics class?

Yes, we invite you to our second floor to view your child’s class.  Please do not enter the gymnasium unless you are invited by a coach or participating in a Parent & Tot Class.

Does my child need to bring anything to gymnastics?

Your child may bring their own water bottle with their name clearly labelled.  Children also have access to a water fountain in the gymnasium.

Does N.G.A host birthday parties?

Yes! You can contact us here for birthday parties.