Cubs is a developed program for young athletes that show a keen gymnastics attitude and demonstrate athletic qualities such as flexibility, strength, and co-ordination. Gymnastics is a hard sport, the athletes learn the appropriate conduct of athleticism and proper gym etiquette is also introduced to these athletes as this program may become a stepping stone into the athletes pre-competitive/developmental program in the future.

Mighty Cubs will run two times a week to encourage the foundations of gymnastics and artistry and will focus on a more technical aspect of skill development.

The main expectations of the mighty cub athletes are

  • Attendance
  • Safety
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Trust willingness to learn and try new things

Expectations will increase as the session’s progress. At the end of each session, the athletes will be reviewed on whether or not these expectations were met. After each session, the Woman’s program will review all the athletes who have completed the session to be re- invited to the program.

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