Are you a first time Gymnastics Parent? Here is some Q & A to get you through your athlete's first day of gymnastics whether they are 18 months old of 17 years old!


What to Expect on the First Day of Gymnastics

  1. What should my child wear to gymnastics class?
    Your son or daughter can wear comfortable gym appropriate clothing, long hair tied back, no loose fitting jewelry and no socks.
  2. Do I need to stay during my child's class?
    The only parents that must stay during class are parents with children registered in a Kosmic Krawler class as this is a parented class. For parents of children in our other programs Norfort is equipped with a mezzanine viewing area to watch!
  3. What do I do once I get to Norfort on the First Day of classes?
    When you enter into Norfort we kindly ask that footwear be removed at the door, boots and shoes can then be placed on the shoe rack. There is a changeroom in our main foyer where coats and clothes can be kept, as well as a bathroom We ask that all athletes wait with parent/guardian in the foyer for their coach to invite participants into class.
  4. What is the AGF Waiver?
    The Alberta Gymnastics Federation now requires all members to complete the Alberta Gymnastics Federation Waiver, you will need to have this formed signed and witnessed by Norfort staff before your son/daughter is able to participate in class. The AGF waiver will need to be completed once in our gymnastics season (July 1st-June 30th).
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