Here at Norfort Gymnastics Association we believe that gymnastics is for everyone, we welcomes any and all children and youth into our recreational program. Whether you want to join into our membership with your toddler, or your youth is looking to try something new, we have something that suits your need!

Spring 2017 Registration will take place on Monday March 6th 2017 Online Only at 9:00am!
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  1. Kosmic Krawlerz
    Ages 18mo-3yr 40 minutes
    Register for one of Norfort's Kosmic Krawlerz classes and get your toddler exploring a whole new level of physical activity! This parented structured class will involve several circuits including Bars, Vault, Beam, Floor and Trampoline! These structured classes will promote spatial awareness, body awareness, flexibility, strength, learning social skills, sharing, following a circuit and much, much more!
    Parented Class
  2. Kinder Kometz
    Ages 3yr-5yr 55 minutes
    Led by one of our great coaches the Kinder Kometz class is an un-parented structured gymnastics class is great for both boys and girls. Each class will include warm-up and stretching along with various circuits on Vault-Bars-Beam-Floor-Trampoline. These structured classes will promote spatial awareness, body awareness, flexibility, strength, learning social skills, sharing, following a circuit and much, much more!
  3. CanGym
    Ages 5yr-12yr 55 minutes
    The Cangym Program, developed by Gymnastics Canada is a progressive badge program.This program optimizes safety and an appropriate approach to learning gymnastics skills. Participants will move from one level to the next, receiving a report card and appropriate badge at the end of each session. There are 13 levels; from Burgundy to Gold. This season participants will register by age, then work on their appropriate badge.
  1. Purple+
    Purple Badge and Above 85 minutes
    This class is for gymnasts working on the Purple Badge and above. Skills start to get pretty tough around the Purple Badge, so this class gives gymnasts the opportunity to work extra hard on those tricky skills.
  2. CanJump
    Ages 8yr-12yr 85 Minutes
    N.G.A.'s Recreational Trampoline and Tumbling Program (T&T) will teach athletes skills in the Trampoline Sports: Trampoline, Double Mini Tramp, Mini-Tramp, Tumbl-Trak and Tumbling as well as conditioning and balance. Open to children 8 years or older, our instructors will develop participants: spatial awareness, coordination, strength, flexibility and power. Learning new, fun skills in a safe environment is the goal of this program.
  1. Teen Gym
    Ages 13yr-17yr 60 Minutes
    Come have some fun in our Teen Gymnastics class whether you're a beginner or more advanced! After warm-up and stretching you'll have the rest of class to work on skills on Vault-Bars-Beam-Floor-Tramp.
  2. Adult Drop-In
    18yr+ 60 Minutes
    Are you a retired gymnast? Parkour enthusiast? Complete Beginner? That's Ok! Sign-Up for our Drop-In class and give gymnastics a try. Here's the rules, all athlete's must participate in Coach led warm-up and stretching and after that the gym is yours under the supervision of Norfort Coaches!

Invitation Only Recreational Gymnastics Classes

  1. Starlight
    Ages 3yr-5yr 55 Minutes
    This class is a more structured version of our Kinder Komet Program for those althlete's that need to be challenged even more!
  2. Starbright
    Ages 5yr-6yr 85 Minute/2xper week
    This class is a more structured and disciplined Recreational class for athletes that need to be challenged even more!
  3. Supernova
    Ages 7yr-12yr
    Norfort's Supernova Program is an invitation-only class working through Junior Olympic (JO) Level 1 - 3. The Supernova's will participate in 2 Mock Competitions at Norfort each year. Athlete's will be expected to purchase the Supernova Training Suit.