Meet The Team

  1. Noelle Lawrence
    Noelle Lawrence
    Recreational Program Coordinator
    Noelle has been involved in the gymnastics world for 20+ years between being a gymnast herself as well as a Level 1 Certified, Active Start Certified and Trained in Special Olympic Community Sport as well as Trampoline Level 1. Noelle is trained in First Aid as well.
  2. Chantelle Altares
    Chantelle Altares
    Competitive Coach
    Chantelle has been involved with Norfort Gymnastics Club for ten years as both a gymnast and a coach. She is continually expanding her knowledge of coaching and has recently been accepted into Alberta Gymnastics Federation’s Mentorship Program. Chantelle is also a Trained Level 3 Coach. Chantelle is attending Keyano College where she is working towards a degree in Athletic Therapy.
  3. Megan Croke
    Megan Croke
    Competitive Coach
    Megan began training at Norfort Gymnastics Club at the age of five. Gymnastics became such a big part of her life that she decided to become a coach. Megan has been coaching for four years and in this time has become NCCP Level 2 Certified. As well as coaching, Megan is beginning her final year of high school. Megan hopes to continue her post-secondary education to become an ultrasound technician. In her free time Megan, enjoys snowboarding and playing basketball.
  4. Kori Aucoin
    Kori Aucoin
    Active Start Coach
    Kori was introduced to the gymnastics world by her daughter, a competitive gymnast. Kori is a Trained Gymnastics Foundations Coach and a Trained Trampoline Level 1 Coach.
  5. Zakkai Meagher
    Zakkai Meagher
    Recreational Coach
    Zakkai is a student in Fort McMurray and loves to bring fun and exitment to every Recreational Gymnastics class that he coaches. Zakkai is a Trained Level 1 Gymnastics Coach.
  1. Shaela Welte
    Shaela Welte
    Recreational Coach
    Shaela is a retired competitive gymnast and is happy to keep gymnastics in her life by passing her knowledge and experience onto her students! Shaela began as a Pre-CIT and is now trained as a Level 1 Gymnastics Coach, and excited to continue her Gymnastics certifications!
  2. Krystle-Lee Maclean
    Krystle-Lee Maclean
    Competitive Coach
    Krystle-Lee is originally from Moncton, New Brunswick and has lived in Fort McMurray since 2005. She is a graduate in Massage Therapy and attended ICT Northumberland Massage Therapy College for 2 yrs in Halifax, N.S. She has been with Norfort for quite some time, starting out as a parent with her children going to classes since 2006. She developed a love for gymnastics and children and took on the journey to become a coach. She has been coaching gymnastics for 4 years. Krystle is a certified Level 2 coach.
  1. Karlyn Gurnsey
    Karlyn Gurnsey
    Recreational Coach
  2. Allison Mulhall
    Allison Mulhall
    Recreational Coach
  1. Rachel Ferguson
    Rachel Ferguson
    Competitive Coach
  2. Dany Munden
    Dany Munden
    Recreational Coach