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    What does my child need to wear to his/her gymnastics class?


    The appropriate attire to wear to gymnastics is gym pants/ shorts, t-shirt. Remember that long hair must be tied back, there are to be no socks worn in the gym as well as no jewellery. Gymnasts are also welcome to wear gymnastics suits, which are available for purchase at N.G.A.
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    Why do I need to participate in F.C.P and Fundraising?


    The Family Commitment Plan, along with Fundraising help our non-profit organization run as well as keep costs lower for your family if you participate! Its a win, win situation! You can buy-out of both fundraising and the F.C.P if you would prefer to do so.
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    How do I pick my volunteer date?


    You can pick your volunteer date online when you register, or you can log in to your Amilia account later and pick then! Remember all your information about gymnastics is on your Amilia account.
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    How do I make changes on my Amilia account?


    In order to make changes on your Amilia account you must cal the office during office hours (780-791-1107) and have the office staff make the change. Remember that there is a $25.00 fee everytime you need to make a change.
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    Is there a place to watch my child's gymnastics class?


    Absolutely! N.G.A has a mezzanine upstairs for viewing that is open daily. We kindly ask that adults/parents refrain from entering the gym area unless you are invited by a coach, or are participating in a Parent n' Tot class.
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    Does my child need to bring anything to gymnastics?


    Your child can bring a water bottle with their name on it, but this is not necessary as N.G.A has a water fountain.
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    Does N.G.A host birthday parties?


    Currently N.G.A does not host birthday parties.
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    Where do I get a tax reciept?


    You can access your tax receipt on your Amilia account!
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